Do you ever wonder why you meet the people you meet?  Do you ever wonder if someone was put in your life for a reason?  Were you put in someone’s life for a reason?   Unless you live in a cave somewhere, chances are, you meet someone new every day.   Some times you meet someone and immediately you just know you don’t like them.  Other times, you meet someone and you just ‘click’.        One thing that always draws me to someone is their sense of humor.  If you’re lacking a sense of humor, we can’t be friends.  I am around humor all day.  From the crazy things that come out of my kids’ mouths, to my dry-humored husband, to my crazy ass friends — I laugh every day. And if I find someone who isn’t laughing, I try to make them laugh.

If my life was a car, humor would be the fuel.    It’s what keeps me going.  ❤





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