Defeat Completely. Inundate. Have a strong emotional effect on.  Rout.

This is my life right now.  It feels like nailing jello to a wall… or like sticking our head out a car window while going 70 miles per hour and trying to get your hair to stay straight.

So many things are getting thrown at me, and testing my limits.  I always seem to get so emotionally involved in things I shouldn’t and then it’s like there isn’t room for the important things.  Yeah, my priorities are screwed up.     I need to slow down, and I need to take one day at a time.  I’m always telling people that..   Whenever someone is going through something hard I always tell them “It’s all gonna be ok” “One day at a time”  “you’re stronger than you think”   it’s so easy for me to tell other people what they should be doing, but I can’t take my own advice.    Maybe that’s the problem.  I am ALWAYS there for other people but how come no one is there for me? Where are all my supporters telling me everything is going to be ok, where is my friend who is really listening to me, really hearing what I am saying… or taking note of things that I am NOT saying.


I am the kind of person who generally wears my emotions on my sleeves.  Sometimes I can hide it at work, but I’d like just for ONCE for someone to care enough to ask me what’s going on..and really just listen.


That is all. ❤



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